Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Saturday I worked at a cattle show. I'm show secretary so my work began some weeks ago, but Saturday was a really loooong day and I am glad it is over until next year.

-- I think my truck with its transplanted transmission has passed hubby's road test. He took it to a car wash and lost a piece of trim around the windshield and the little round mirror on the side-view mirror - more things to replace. At this rate I'll eventually have a new truck, as we seem to be replacing it one piece at a time. It looks so nice with the orange dirt gone from its sides; the dirt is so hard to get off that I was afraid the truck was permanently stained orange by now.

-- Our farrier came this week and the horses all have manicured hooves again. I am to watch one that has a crack right up the middle of his hoof. If it moves, I am to call the farrier. He will put bondo in the crack and shoes on both front hooves to keep it from spreading further. (I wasn't happy about their walkabout adventure over rocks and boulders and rough terrain with that cracked hoof.)

-- I sent a broken gate home with the farrier, who is also a welder. He will replace the rusted hinges on the gate and the frame, and bring it back on his next visit. I hope to use it in my planned goat pen expansion.

-- Ella ended up a bit lame from the horses' adventure, but is better now. Dakota's nose and leg are healing nicely from the cuts.


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  1. Just wanted to drop a note to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts.


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