Fruit Trees

I'm not an employee of Stark Bros,
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just in case you were wondering.

I'm busy perusing the Starks Bros catalog, trying to decide on what new fruit trees I want to buy this year. The first two years we were here, we planted many trees. Currently I try to plant two additional trees per year.

Last year's two pear trees both perished in the drought. I didn't order them from Stark Bros, by the way, and I should have: Stark Bros guarantees their trees for a year. They even called me one year after I bought my first trees to ask if they had survived, and cheerfully refunded the cost of the two cherry trees that didn't make it (and the grapes and raspberries that didn't survive, too).

So my quest is to find varieties that we like and that will grow here in Oklahoma's heat and sometimes too-dry climate. Those two cherry trees that died the first year haven't been replaced because I've since been told that wilted cherry leaves are toxic to goats. While my goat pens aren't anywhere near the orchard, leaves do blow in the wind. I decided it was best to be cautious and not grow cherries, even though I love pie cherries and still miss the well-established trees we left behind in Michigan.

I'd love apricot trees, but our late frosts often kill off the blossoms, so I don't know if it would be worth trying. I'd like to replace those dead pear trees and try again; pears are hubby's favorite tree fruit.

And wouldn't it be lovely to have a greenhouse so we could grow lemons and oranges, and avocados, and bananas! Well, a girl can dream, right?

Someone once asked a farmer when is the best time to plant a tree. The answer: ten years ago. The second best time is today!

What kind of fruit are you growing?


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