Homemade Cleaners

I've been making the transition from chemical cleaners to more natural cleaners for some time now.

I don't have any BEFORE pictures, but my shower door looks great after using my new homemade bathroom cleaner.

I heated up some white vinegar in the microwave, added some blue Dawn Dishwashing liquid, and poured into a spray bottle. After spraying it on the shower door, I let it set for awhile, then wiped it clean. A few stubborn spots took some light scrubbing, but on the whole, it was easy on my wrists and I am pleased as can be.

Maintenance on the shower stall and door, the second bathroom's tub, and the sinks has been easy! The storebought cleaner that promises "no scrubbing" doesn't work nearly as well as this does.

Soon after that discovery, I was cleaning the kitchen one day and was again depressed about the state of our toaster oven. It was greasy and sticky and I just wanted to replace it. To clean the toaster oven, I dipped a rag in vinegar and then in baking soda, and it took very little scrubbing to reach this state of new-looking. I'm really impressed. I did have to scrub on the glass door to get those grease spots off, but it was worth it. I can't stop admiring it.

A word of warning: be careful of using vinegar on aluminum. Painters use it to rough up the metal finish so that paint will stick!

To clean my microwave, I warm up a glass of vinegar, then clean with a wet sponge. The vinegar seems to loosen any stuck-on food spatters. (In fact, I do this after heating up the vinegar for the bathroom cleaner!)

My goal this year is to use more homemade cleaners, so I'll be sure to share my experiments and results as I make more change-overs. Not only are the natural and homemade cleaners effective, they produce no toxic odors or fumes, and cost far, far less than buying those bottles of chemical cleaners.


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