Putting Eggs By, Part 3

Unfortunately, right now I'm using storebought eggs, those white giants with insipid yolks. My hens are getting old and they really only lay well in the spring.

Anyway, I've been using another method to keep eggs fresh longer, since storebought eggs are more "dear" and don't get used as freely as the ones from my own coop.

I've been coating these with cooking oil. Just pour a small amount in your hand, and roll the egg around until it's coated, then set it on a kitchen towel to "dry". When I've finished coating them all I wipe the excess oil off with a clean towel. The oil seals the pores and keeps air from penetrating the shell, keeping the egg fresher longer.

You could also do this with melted beeswax (although you might not want to pour it into your hands to do so!)

This is a very simple method, quick and easy and inexpensive, and it really does extend the freshness of the eggs.

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  1. I never heard of keeping eggs fresh longer by rubbing them with oil. I will definitely try this!

  2. Boy, your chickens lay pretty eggs. Makes me want some laying hens of my own....I think we can have
    Chickens, just no roosters here where we live.

  3. Thank you. I currently only get brown eggs but there's still quite a variation in color even from one bird. White eggs are so boring. :-)

  4. Very interesting! I've read accounts where the settlers moving west would do the same thing with lard or bacon grease. To keep them from breaking during that long trip, they would bury them in the flour barrel.


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