Another Storm

Here we go again...
Today's forecast, depending on who you listen to, ranges from two days of rain to snow and ice. Northwestern Oklahoma could see up to two feet of snow with drifts of 3-4 feet. The line of rain vs ice vs snow keeps moving, and is very close to us.

So, I've been preparing, just in case. I'm hoping we'll just have lots of rain, but you never know. The first thing I do when we're expecting a big storm is to check out my notes on the ice storm a few years ago. I'm glad I took notes each day that the power was out.

All the water troughs are full and my sledge hammer is handy in case I need to break ice. I've moved anything that can hide under the snow and make me trip! The current round bale is tarped and dry. We have plenty of food and feed, but if I can, this morning I will go to the feed store and buy a few small square bales - they are so much easier to feed in bad weather.

It seems to me that our big winter storms are coming later and later in the season as the years go by. Snow used to come in December and January, now it's February. And yet the pasture is turning green and we have 2-inch-tall grass in the front yard. Hmm.

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  1. Please stay safe! Looks like rain here this week, we've only seen snow 1 day this winter and that was Christmas day.

    Spring is just around the corner!


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