February Snow

I heard the rain begin about 4:00 AM. By the time the sky was light,
it had evidently been snowing for quite some time.
We had more than an inch already.

See the snowflakes raining down? It was very, very wet snow,
and the flakes were the largest I think I've ever seen.

Below, about midday. The flakes were smaller
and even wetter, a winter mix of rain and snow.

Some winters we have no snow at all.
Others we have a little, less than an inch.

The year that my father died and I was away from home for six weeks,
we had just a dusting and I missed it.

Two years ago we had two blizzards a week apart.
This year we've had three snows, but this is the most we've had at one time.

In a drought year, we are happy to have any kind of moisture at all.


Round bale

I'd been sure to cover the open bale of hay with a tarp last night.
Before I could feed it, I had to unbury the t-posts that held the tarp down
and move about four inches of snow off the top of the tarp.
But it was dry underneath and I was able to pitchfork
hay to the goats hiding in their shed and the
very unhappy, soggy horses.

In spite of having lived in snow country for nearly half my life,
most notably two years in Iceland,
after living here for eight years I've forgotten that snow
"takes up room on the ground", in other words,
it blocks the storm door, covers up the holes that
are just waiting to be stepped in, and it's
impossible to use the wheelbarrow!


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  1. Beautiful pictures! Please stay warm and safe!


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