Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- On Saturday, we woke up to a sprinkling of snow in the shady areas. It melted fast even though the day didn't get very warm in spite of the bright sunshine. I fished a dead frozen mouse out of the goats' water trough and tossed it to the cats. Cracker smelled like skunk. And by evening chore time, the youngest horse was in the front yard with the others anxious to join her. That fence is now fixed too. I was relieved when the day was over.

-- We had an estimated 3.9" of snow on Wednesday, which is a lot for Oklahoma. It continued to snow/sleet/rain overnight and into Thursday with thunder and lightning. The snow on the ground kept the rain from running off too quickly. Perfect timing for spring grass growth too. I imagine our pond will continue to fill over the next few days even though the rain has stopped.

-- Our hay this year has contained a lot of wild oats. I trundle hay out for the horses twice a day, and a lot of the oats have remained in the wheelbarrow. I scoop them up and fling them in the pasture - free seed! Even though they are annual, they will provide grazing for the horses this year. The rain has watered the seeds, and soon they should be sprouted and growing. It's growing really well where I store the round bales, and is about two inches tall already.

-- One morning I found an olive green egg in the chicken coop; the following day I found a blue-green egg. Nemo and Flower are the only hens that can lay colored eggs. They are six or seven years old now, and both are still laying occasionally. I know it isn't economical to keep old hens, but these two are assured of a home till the end of their days, because they "belong" to our grandchildren.


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