Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I've spent this week getting used to new glasses, and it's been a real challenge.

-- I caught Cracker IN the chicken run, chasing birds. He was duly punished, and the chickens are now confined to their coop until we fix the fencing of their run. (Fencing is a never-ending chore, isn't it?) Their coop is good-sized and has a very large window and good ventilation, so it will be all right until we get the fence fixed.

-- I've gathered seven more eggs this week. It's so nice to have our own eggs again. We don't eat a lot of them so it's been "enough". Judging by the color, shape and location, there are three hens laying now.

-- We bought another trailer load of round bales.

-- After last week's rain, the pasture is sporting a beautiful, thin carpet of green. We've had some brief thunderstorms this week as well.

-- Twice this week I've seen bluebirds sitting on the round pen fence.

-- Sissy has been much better this week: several times she's told us she wants to go outside!


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