Round One of today's storm was "thunderhail" at 6:00 AM. I could hear the hailstones bouncing off the ground and hitting the walls and windows, pounding on the rooftop - and the loud thunder. I considered moving to the windowless bathroom when I remembered the storm our son experienced in Oklahoma City a few years ago, when the windows in his apartment complex were shattered and the blinds shredded. His car and many others were totalled from the hail damage that day.

When it was light enough outside to see, I opened the storm door to check on my truck in the yard. It looks ok. Our hail was "just" the size of small marbles. (The truck already has some hail damage anyway, from a storm last year. Our son had borrowed it to move out of his apartment, and ... yep, another hailstorm.)

Below: that's hail, not snow...

Round Two has been rain, and lots of it. This should add some depth to our pond.

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