Have you ever stuck a sweet potato in water and grown a vine? Or the seed from an avocado and grown a little tree? It turns out that you can re-grow several kinds of food.

Several weeks ago I bought celery. I thought I'd try to re-grow it, so I chopped off the ribs about an inch and a half from the bottom and used them as usual. I put the root end in a shallow bowl of water, and waited. And waited. And waited.

A week later I finally began seeing a little tiny bit of growth at the top, just a little "bump" in the center.
But I kept replenishing the water daily, and eventually the growth was more obvious.
Collins, our cat, is always fascinated by whatever I'm trying to photograph. You've seen him in previous photos, I'm sure.
After four weeks it looked like this:
The roots took much longer though. I probably should have skinned off the edge of the stalk where it had been cut in the field. Finally I could see a couple of tiny bumps along the edge where [I hoped] roots might be growing.

Before they were really visible though, THIS happened:

Hmmm. Obviously setting it in a shallow bowl of water for four weeks is too much water! I'll try it again, but I'll skin off the cut end to promote faster root growth, and I'll move it to a dish of soil before THAT happens again!
FAIL! At least this time...

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  1. I do this every time I buy celery. It works (grows roots) about half the time if I sit it in a bowl of water, the longest I've had it grow is in the aquaponics system; I've got some in there now that's a foot tall. You can keep it in really moist soil and it will grow.

  2. We recently tried this too. We put the bottom section of the stalks in a glass of water for a week. A cute little bud had popped up in the very center like yours. There was no new root growth showing after the first week so my husband planted it anyway. Saturday will be a week since it has been in the ground and it has new growth the entire width and circumference of the original stalks. Very cool:)

  3. Barbara, I think that's the trick - planting it in a timely manner! Mine rotted from sitting in the water too long. I'll be trying again! Thank you for visiting and for commenting.

  4. No, thank you for allowing me to visit your blog. I so enjoy it. I'm a country girl that has lived my adult life in a small town. I miss my roots. I too feel we all need to get back to basics. All you guys have my best wishes, hopes and prayers :)

  5. Thank you so much for your prayers, Barbara.
    ~ Kathi

  6. Just an update on my celery, lol. It grew fast to start, tripling it's width in size....then a stand still. We have had tons of rain here in NC this summer, very unusual seasons, spring and summer. But it didn't shoot up....just sat there healthy and pretty as can be. I went out last week to have another looksie and it was gone....totally gone. There is a whole about an inch and a half wide like something just sucked it from below...probably a mole or a squirrel possibly got it from the top. Anyway, no celery for us :)

  7. Thank you for the update, Barbara. Some experiments just go awry, don't they? I hope you'll try again and let me know... and I plan to try again too. :-)


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