Follow-Up Friday

This week:

-- As the saying goes, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb" or is it the other way around? Today's forecast is 45* and partly cloudy, definitely "lamb" weather.

-- The coyotes have been noisy this week, which means that the outside dogs, Cracker and Juliet, are noisy all night as well. It's comforting to know that they are out there watching over the homestead. So glad we don't have close-by neighbors though, not everyone appreciates an LGD's barking.

-- Signs of spring: the henbit and the poeticus daffodils are up. Grass is growing, and on their way up the hill from the barn to their hay, a horse will sometimes stop and take a few bites of grass. As I look across the pasture from the hilltop, I see green on the ground instead of the brown dry brush.

-- The pond is nearly half-full now after the recent storms. Tuesday evening while feeding I realized that I could see the sky reflected in the pond's surface; it's been a long time since it's been full enough to reflect anything.

-- I recently bought an ink cartridge that didn't work. I didn't have the packaging or the receipt when I discovered that it wouldn't work, so I couldn't return it to the store; I contacted HP and they agreed to send me a replacement. We didn't see or hear the FedEx truck, but when hubby left for work one morning, we found this on the front steps:

Cracker is so proud of himself! He disarmed the bomb in that suspicious package singlehandedly and saved us from a terrorist attack! He and I even had a discussion about whether or not it was safe for me to pick up the pieces and put them in the trash...


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