Friday Follow-Up

This week:
-- I've been hearing the spring peepers in the evenings. I'd always thought that warm temperatures had something to do with the frogs "awakening" in the spring, but it was cold those first few days that I heard them. So is it the longer daylight hours? rain swelling the pond?
-- Dottie, my oldest remaining barn cat, had five kittens on Sunday. I've been careful to keep her in the mudroom so that she would have them there instead of outside. I want them to be tame and used to people, willing to come to us for food, and safe from Cracker's need to play with cats. She had one cream tabby, three blue tabbies, and a grey tabby. The cream tabby died a few days later.
-- I'm easy to please: Sissy had her first no-accidents-in-the-house days this week.

-- I had a lovely ride with my riding buddy this week. It's been four weeks since our last ride due to winter weather, and I'd been letting my sorrel mare Ella rest from a sore shoulder for a few weeks before that. It was wonderful to be in the saddle again. The weather was perfect, on the cool side but with only a very slight breeze. We're "in training" for a benefit ride at my favorite lake in April.

-- While riding, we noticed that the woolly mullein is putting up little fuzzy rosettes in the hayfield.

-- We bought and hauled another three round bales of hay. My friend told me that this is all he can sell now; he needs to keep the rest for his cows. I'll need to find another source of hay until the grass comes in thick enough to support the horses and goats. As we get closer to spring, hay is becoming more scarce, hard to find, and expensive.

-- Don't forget to change your clocks ahead this weekend! Spring forward!

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