Friday Follow-Up

This week:
-- The large plum tree began blooming on Saturday, March 9th. Only half of the tree bloomed. The smaller plum tree, which gave us a bounty of yellow plums for the first time last year, began leafing out on Tuesday, March 12th, but with no sign of blooms.
-- The kittens are growing so fast, and are beginning to open their eyes. We lost the cream-colored male and the little runt, but the remaining three are doing very well. I believe there are two males and a female, but it's hard to tell at this age. In the past I've had kittens change sex after a few weeks...

-- I found this very interesting reading: Benefits of Biodiverse Forage.

-- I just had to snap a quick picture with my phone when my hubby came home from work yesterday:

Pete, Sissy, Josh, and Cracker
(Not pictured: Juliet, who is happiest when she's with her goats,
not lounging on the porch like Cracker!)


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