Friday Follow-Up

This week:
-- When I had a "clowder of cats", some of them used to hang out by the front door overnight. The moths and other bugs were attracted to the porch light, and the cats took advantage of the easy hunting. You can tell by the snags in the screen, right? My current cats are in the mudroom at night now so the bugs have been relatively safe; in fact, it's hazardous to go in and out after dark on warm nights, there are so many insects flying about in the light from the porch fixture. However, a new resident has recently recognized this as a ripe hunting ground:
After seeing the photo, a friend told me it's a young jumping spider. That's a small moth, by the way, not one of the big polyphemus moths.
-- Tuesday and Wednesday we had LOTS of rain - a total of 3.2" according to the weatherman on TV. Thunder and lightning and heavy rain kept the horses in the barn most of Monday. During a short lull, they raced up the hill to the barnyard; minutes later when it once again began to rain, they galloped back down to the barn. They were dripping wet and dirty from the mud, and in a collectively foul mood.

-- The apple trees are ready to burst into bloom at any moment. Our never-before-produced-fruit plum tree has blossoms this spring for the first time ever. Perhaps we'll finally have blue plums this year?

-- The redbuds are in bloom! Back in 1999, our first spring in Michigan, I showed a photo of the "pretty tree" in our backyard to my California grandmother, who had grown up in Texas. She knew exactly what it was: a redbud.


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