Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I've been working on the chicken coop. We built it eight years ago, when we first moved here, and it's beginning to need some repairs, not to mention the hole in the chicken wire where Cracker forced his way inside. I'm currently refencing the run. Hubby fixed the coop's big "picture window". Still to do: change their little door to the run from "swing in" to "swing out" (although I rarely close it anyway), rebuild the gate to the run, and rehang the coop door on new hinges.

-- When I went outside to feed on Thursday morning, I stopped dead in my tracks: overnight the world had turned green! The pasture is green, the trees have tiny green leaves. What a pretty sight!

-- There is a wire fence running through our pond, originally "designed" so that cattle could access the water source from both the pasture side and the "other side" that we don't use for livestock because the terrain is quite rugged. Now that there is more water in the pond, the t-posts stick up just a foot out of the water. Turtles have been sunning themselves on the wire fencing, 2 or 3 of them at a time - one morning there was a turtle on top of a t-post. Don't ask me how he did it...

-- The vet was out last week to do the horses' Coggins tests, a blood test for equine infectious anemia. They all passed. I'm all set now to take horses to events, and to go trail riding at my favorite lake.

-- We had two days of storms, but thankfully we were far enough east that we just had rain rather than an ice storm. The next day was sunny and calm. I'm always struck by how quiet it is when the wind is calm. Hopefully the very cold temperatures didn't affect the fruit trees.

-- I've seen a second luna moth, and another, smaller, pair of polyphemus moths. I was concerned because in previous years I've only seen them in July and August, but evidently I've just never before noticed them in the spring.


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