Friday Follow-Up

This week:
-- The apple trees have finally broken into bloom, and the flowers smell so good! I can smell their sweetness when I walk to the mailbox. I find it interesting that most fruit trees bloom first and then leaf out, but apple trees grow leaves first and then blossoms.

-- It wouldn't be spring in Oklahoma without the threat of tornadoes. We've had several storms this week, but tornado watches mean we are having rain. A major storm blew through Wednesday night; while we just had about half an inch of heavy rain, not far from us the rainfall total was 4.7 inches. We've had a very cool, long spring but we've certainly been blessed with rain.

-- Cracker has been bringing "found objects" into the back goat pen at night, and chewing on them. One morning I found an old skull and a hip bone (don't worry, not human!); the next morning a heavy leg bone. The Valley of Dry Bones in the Book of Ezekiel came to mind. Another morning I spotted a round black object, something that wasn't instantly recognizable. I walked over to look: it was my son's old basketball, which we haven't seen in years. Cracker must have pulled it out of a shed. I can't even count how many skulls of various kinds that our dogs have brought home over the years, like this one in 2009.
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