Friday Follow-Up

This week:
-- Monday morning a man knocked at our door and asked if we knew who owned the two sorrel horses up the road. While this man was out hunting turkeys, he noticed that one of the horses was down. He jumped the fence to see if he could help, but sadly the horse was dead. She'd caught her halter on the hay ring surrounding the round bale of hay, struggled and perished. So sad. If I haven't said this before, I'll say it now: do not leave a halter on your horse. If you simply must (in other words, you'd never again catch the horse without a halter on it), please buy a breakaway halter that will be more likely to break if the horse catches it on something.

Similarly, don't leave a collar on a dog that roams, or on an outside cat, or on a goat. Breakaway collars are available for dogs and cats; Hoegger Goat Supply offers plastic chain collars that will break if the goat gets hung up.
-- Wildflowers are beginning to bloom: Indian paintbrush covers the roadsides in bright orange swaths, and tiny purple flowers on tall stalks wave in the breeze. Tiger swallowtail, yellow and tiny black butterflies flit around the apple blossoms.

 -- Cracker continues to bring bones up from the ravine, and Sissy continues to bring the bones in the house with her. Yesterday it was a small jawbone; Monday it was the skull and antlers from a young buck deer.
-- We had record-breaking lows this week, but fortunately it wasn't below freezing. Our average last frost date is April 15. Hopefully the fruit crop survived.

-- I heard the first whippoorwill of the season.

-- Helpful hints: How to weigh your horse without a scale.

What's up where you live?

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