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The "barn cat" kittens, born in the mudroom,
almost five weeks old now, and too adorable for words.
There are two males and one female;
we lost two kittens the first week.
This is the smaller male. He is very active and into everything.
He was the first to begin eating solid food.
I brought them into the house one at a time and plopped them onto a sheet-covered chair.
They were more than happy to play in front of the camera,
but they moved so fast that it was hard to get sharp photos.
There were lots of out-takes!
This male has the cutest face. He's the only one in the litter that had white markings.
Below is the female, a patched tabby. 

You can see her orange "necklace" and orange toes.

I know, it looks like the photo is sideways, but it isn't.

Every kitten I've ever had has had a bit of conjunctivitis in its eyes.
I wash their eyes with a warm wet washcloth, then apply some
antibiotic opthalmic ointment. Some kittens need the ointment
a few times, others just once.
Have I ever told you that I love kittens?
(Several times, I'm sure. Thank you for humoring me.)


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