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Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- The farrier came and trimmed all 24 hooves. I then gave him a lesson in trimming goat hooves, as he'd just bought some boer goats.
-- I sold one of the horses. While I know he is going to the most excellent home ever (I know the young woman's brother), I still hated to see the big old guy leave. He's such a sweetheart and a bit of a clown, but I have too many and need to reduce my workload as well as my feed bill.

My favorite photo of Dakota; it truly shows his personality.
-- I haven't seen the black snake in the chicken coop again, but I'm very cautious going in there! I really don't like snakes. It must be pretty funny to watch me stick my head inside, look around, and walk in so very, very carefully, looking in every direction...

-- Yesterday when I walked to the mailbox I noticed a white flower and had to look closer. It's a daffodil! Hubby mowed them all down a couple of weeks ago - I can never convince him to leave them to die like you're supposed to, and I'm sure that's why they don't bloom well - but this one and two others sent up flower stalks and bloomed anyway! No foliage at all, just the three stalks with a bloom on the end of each one.
-- One day this week I did something I've wanted to do for several years: I went on a photo safari at a wildlife ranch about an hour away from home. For two hours a guide took me around the 3,000 acre hunting facility and I took as many photos as I desired. We even discovered a newborn buffalo calf, dried off but its mother hadn't yet dropped the placenta. The whole experience was priceless!


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