Friday Follow-Up

This week:
We finished fencing in a larger goat pen for the does, fixed the chicken coop door, reattached a board on a horse stall, and replaced a fence panel in the riding pen.
Hubby mowed the deep clover in the riding pen.
My younger female cat, Pilar, gave birth to two solid black kittens. A first-time mom, she demanded my company. At first she wasn't very attentive and I worried, but when she was all finished she settled down into motherhood. One kitten has white feet, which definitely rules out my only male, Smokey, as the father. Evidently the blue-and-white male from down the road was here at the appropriate time, even though I didn't see him.

Sadly, the solid black kitten died after four days. I hope the black and white one will survive; only kittens can be hard to raise.
I removed all the clutter from inside the chicken coop (boards, broken feeders, a bucket and so on) so that there isn't anywhere for that snake to hide. So far, so good, and I'm collecting eggs again.

Yesterday morning something went through the chicken wire into the coop's run. Another rooster is missing, which isn't a big deal, but a hen was dead in the corner. Currently: five hens and three roosters.

I'd set an empty bucket down on the front porch one afternoon. When I went out to feed the next morning, it had a layer of "June bugs" in the bottom. I remembered that a friend does this: he and his children pick up bugs every morning to feed the chickens. I was careful to put the bucket back in the same place so that it can gather the bugs that are attracted to the porch light every night. Free chicken feed!

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