Friday Follow-Up

This week:
I finished planting the tomato clones: the weather finally cooperated. It stayed too cold at night for so long, and then when the temperature was more moderate, it wouldn't stop raining. Eight survived until planting time. I also gave six of them a "haircut" because they'd gotten so leggy, and I stuck the pruned tops into a glass of water, so there may be a couple more to plant. 
One of the taller plants broke at ground level in the wind this week, even though I'd staked them all. Some of the cuttings in water have already begun growing roots and I need to get them in the ground fast because it's getting to be late in the season.
The pepper plants are also in the ground now, and a rather leggy pink geranium that lived in my kitchen window for over a year. I hope it will do better outside. It amazes me every day how much sunlight there is in my kitchen now that the plants aren't obscuring the window.


Have you ever watched two horses nibble each other's withers? Supposedly this releases endorphins and relaxes them. One day I scratched Tuesday under the neck, and she bobbed her head and tried to nibble me back. Now it's a daily routine, my scratching her neck, and her bobbing her head and sticking out her nose and wiggling her lips, but fortunately she has stopped trying to nibble me in return.

Saturday we were outside doing yard work. I looked up from the garden to see a man on a mule and another on a horse. They said to hubby, "there are wagons coming up the road," so he turned off the mower and I walked over to watch. Three wagons came up over the hill, followed by a man and two boys on horseback. 

The man on the mule said they do this every Memorial Day. It looked like such fun, and I wanted to jump on Ella and ride along.

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