Indian Paintbrush

Due to this spring's plentiful rain, for which I am very thankful, the wildflowers are spectacular. We've always had Indian paintbrush plants in the hayfield, but one day recently I looked out that direction and realized that there were bands of orange flowers, more than ever before.

On the next sunny day I hiked out there with my camera and my longest lens (I was practicing for an upcoming fun project, more on that soon).

Cracker went with me. Or rather, I couldn't get rid of him. He loves to stand in front of me and block my shots. Eventually he went off on his own and skulked in the woods, keeping an eye on me the whole time.

The Indian paintbrush were spectacular.

The bluish patches and twigs in the photos are last year's dead undergrowth. The hayfield hasn't been mowed for two years due to the extreme drought; there just wasn't enough grass to cut. Instead we let the horses out in the hayfield in the winter to graze it down. They left the weeds, of course. If only it were fenced for goats...

And then the horses went walkabout in early spring and I shut the gate. It was nearly time to do that anyway, so that the grass will grow for this year's hay crop.

This sure looks like a yellow Indian paintbrush but I don't know if it really is or not. I've never seen one before. I found four or five of them, all in the same area.

I did not find my wild bergamot plant in the hayfield, or any wild indigo in the pasture or the hayfield. It makes me wonder if Chuck, the steer, ate them and they are no more? I know he obliterated my lambs ear patch.

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