Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Happy first day of summer!

-- I dehydrated a large batch of yarrow. Usually I use it fresh to make infused oil, but I would like more options this year. I am planning to make some yarrow powder to use on one of the horses; the flies bother him terribly and he sometimes has open sores because they are so bad.

-- We bought our first load of square bales for the upcoming winter. (Are you thinking about winter yet? It's hard when it's in the 90's, but years ago someone told me there are two seasons in homesteading: winter and preparing for winter.) I offloaded and stacked them the next morning while hubby was at work. As I put the last bale under cover, it began to rain. What a blessing that God held off the rain until I was finished.

-- The second load of hay is also home and under cover. I still need to move the bales to a snug, dry shed, but for now they are tarped and ready to be moved as I'm able.

-- The youngest of my goats, Felicity, has gone over the fence twice this week. Fortunately because the rest don't follow her, she doesn't go far. She could roam 20 acres of woods if she wished; the only fence is the perimeter barbed wire fence, which to a goat is as good as no fence at all. It seems like I'm fixing fence every evening.

-- We're having a plague of grasshoppers this summer. They have completely eaten one of my pepper plants and a tomato plant, and are munching on others as well as my rosebush. The rest of the plants are flourishing; there are blossoms on several. Considering I got the plants into the ground late, they are progressing well, although my daughter in zone 3 already has baby fruit on her tomato plants.

-- I've picked all the peaches that survived the late frost, and ended up with just a dozen of the most succulent and sweet peaches ever. They're not pretty, but they sure are delicious.


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  1. I bet the peaches were yummy. I can't wait til they come in season here! Sorry about the grasshopper problems. That is very frustrating!


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