Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- NEWS! Beginning next Thursday, I'll be co-hosting the HomeAcre blog hop! I hope you'll visit the links that interest you, and if you have a blog, please add a post or two as well. My Thankful Thursday posts will post on Thursdays as well, so don't miss them!

-- Our nine-year-old granddaughter arrived for her annual summer visit. Two years ago she told me she doesn't like science, so we spend each summer now exploring the world around us while I point out that "this is science." This week we've had several opportunities to study scorpions, the one creature here that I just can't abide. ::shudder:: My hubby has discovered the best way to dispose of scorpions, whether dead or alive: duct tape! He sticks a wad of duct tape, sticky side out, to the end of my broom, and grabs the scorpion with the tape (they are usually on our ceiling, but it works on the floor as well). The scorpion is well and truly stuck, and hubby then mashes the end of the broom against the tile floor. Then he wraps up the wad with another piece of duct tape, sticky side in, and disposes of it in the trash. It's thick enough that you won't get stung through the tape. (I've been stung twice and I don't want a repeat of that!)

-- One morning as we fed the horses, Cracker began barking out in the pasture. He barked and barked and barked. Granddaughter and I decided to check it out. I had her stand back, remembering that the last time he'd done this the object of his attention was a snake, but this time it was a turtle, about eight inches in diameter.

It never did stick its head out, but we did get this photo of its head pulled in with eyes wide open. I believe it was a female, based on the convex bottom shell (males are concave). I moved it closer to the pond, and we left it alone to go on its way, wherever that might be.

-- Granddaughter and I trekked out to the patch of Indian blanket and gathered seed balls. There were just three flowers still in bloom, so she could see what they looked like. Along the way I pointed out echinacea, several types of trees, and a purple flower I'm not familiar with. I also found a patch of what I think is cleavers.


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  1. I have to say, scorpions scare me! On our honeymoon in Mexico, I was just about to get out of bed in the middle of the night to use the restroom and right as I was putting my foot down I saw a huge scorpion! I nearly stepped on it. My husband took care of it (thank goodness) but I had a hard time going back to sleep that night!

    Congrats on co-hosting the blog hop!

    1. I'm glad you didn't step on it, Tammy! Yikes! They are creepy things. Ours are usually 1-2 inches long but still pack a punch when they sting!


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