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Thankful Thursday

I am thankful to the Lord, my God, for:

- butterflies flitting back and forth across the yard and the pasture: yellow ones, white ones, orange and black ones, swallowtails, monarchs, and a tiny little orange one that landed on my finger
- the loud buzz of a myriad of bees as I walk past the clover patch on the way to the horse barn
- daylilies in bloom on the road to town
- neighbors baling hay during this dry week: making hay while the sun shines
- being surprised by a hummingbird, and watching it as it sipped from the clover blossoms, then flew off



  1. This totally sounds like something I could have written - every single thing you listed happened to me this week too! :)

  2. Those of us that experiece these events sure are blessed aren't we !

  3. Willow, yes, we are blessed!

  4. Tammi, I love that you experienced the same joys that I did this week!


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.