Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Our last rain was, I believe, in mid-June. We finally had a dry week in which everyone cut and baled hay, had another rainy week, and that was it. We were drying out fast. Then again, that just means it's summertime in Oklahoma.

HOWEVER, we had a little rain last weekend, a light rain that lasted for several hours, and temperatures right around 80 degrees - in mid July! And then rain on Sunday, all Sunday night, Monday morning, a thunderstorm on Tuesday, another on Wednesday... What a blessing, one that I am truly thankful for!

The sun is going down earlier each night, and darkness envelopes us a bit sooner each evening. Summer is about one-third over, with approximately 60 more hot, bug-filled days till fall. I guess you can tell that summer isn't my favorite season? The older I get, the harder it is to handle summer's heat.

My favorite season? Autumn. What's yours?

-- Our internet has been out since Wednesday afternoon. We headed to the library to use their wifi!


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