A Country Dog's Toys

Cracker is still a young dog, just over a year old. He likes to play, and he has "toys": sticks, bones, plastic items that he's picked up here and there.

One day he attacked and killed a FedEx package that I didn't know had been delivered. He was so proud of himself.

He chewed a hose into a dozen pieces over a week's time. We gave up patching that one. He's never touched the replacement hose.

His favorite place to leave his toys is behind hubby's car. Every morning we have to clear the area before hubby leaves for work. This morning there were a purple lead rope with a broken snap, a mangled plastic bottle, styrofoam packing that he and Sissy have chewed into little pieces, a chunk of wood, and a few other odds and ends.

He isn't the first of our dogs to gather their toys in the yard. All of our yard dogs have had favorite playthings, and I'd have to periodically go out and clean up the sticks and bones out of the yard. Norm, one of our previous Great Pyrenees, brought home a ball cap, a surveyor's stake, and a child's sock. You do have to wonder where they find these things?

Sometimes there are big leg bones from cows and pieces of deer antlers. These are whittled down over time as the dogs chew on them. One morning Norm and his sister Precious brought home a deer skull that was fresher than usual: it still had velvet on the antlers and some skin and hair on the crown of the head. It was smelly, too.

If a skull or an antler is pretty intact without many chew marks, I take it away from the dog.

I also have antlers that I've picked up in the hayfield over the years. Maybe someday the dogs will bring me enough to make an antler chandelier?

How about you? Do you like rustic and natural decorating? Or are antlers and deer skulls gross?

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  1. Oh wow, he really tore that package up! I do like natural and rustic decorating so the antlers are right up my alley.

  2. He sure did! That ink cartridge was unusable when he got done with it and I had to order another. I was pretty sure that the company wouldn't accept "the dog ate my package" as a good reason to replace it. :-)

  3. My dogs love antlers! They've been struggling to carry around their most recent find, an elk antler, but at least they managed to drag it to the door:)

  4. An elk antler would be a big prize!


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