Follow-Up Friday

This week:

-- We've had several rain storms this week, which means very high humidity. It's a sauna out there! But the summer rains mean some farmers will have a second cutting of hay. I've made arrangements to buy the rest of the round bales we'll need for winter.

-- The goats are bred, and the buck smells to high heaven. It's spider season, late summer and fall. I haven't walked into any webs yet but I've seen several big garden spiders.

-- I picked the first green peppers today. The tomatoes are flowering profusely but there are still no fruits on the vines. I'm going to try hand-pollinating.

-- Our granddaughter has gone back home. The house is quiet once again and I miss her a lot. Our oldest dog misses her too, and at least once a day he goes down the hallway to the bedroom door, hoping that she is on the other side of it. Life has been quiet this week.


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  1. Awww, so sad that your oldest dog misses your granddaughter too! I bet it is a lot quieter without her around :(

  2. How'd you manage to get the goats bred already! Lucky. Mine don't even seem to be thinking about it yet.

  3. Rut is early this year. I planned on breeding season beginning in mid-to-late August: surprise!

  4. We all miss her, Tammy. You're right, it's sure quiet now. :(


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