Follow-Up Friday

This week:

-- Oak Hill Homestead now has its own domain name. Your current bookmark still works, but you can also access the home page by typing in

-- My hens broke out of their coop early one morning. Evidently one of the horses rubbed against the fencing of their yard and moved the framework, pulling away from the coop itself and leaving a gap of about six inches where the hens "flew the coop". Fortunately they were easy to put back when I filled their feeder. I have to keep my chickens penned because of the predators here. Cracker does a great job of defending the farm but he can't be in a dozen places at one time.

-- I set a mousetrap. My indoor cats told me there is a mouse in the kitchen, hiding under the stove at night, and one early morning it obviously walked across the counters - ick. It's a smart mouse: it sprung the trap and licked the peanut butter right off the trigger. And so the trap was set a second time. The dogs told me when it snapped that night. In the morning I gave the mouse to the mama cat outside, who enjoyed it immensely and wasn't about to share. Hubby set the trap again just in case there is a mouse spouse.

-- I set a snake trap in the chicken coop. My granddaughter gave me two golf balls from her "collection", which I put in the nestbox the hens use the most, but both disappeared within two weeks. Snakes will eat a golf ball thinking it's another egg, and I hope they then go off and die, but I don't know that for a fact. I'm tired of empty nests when I feed in the mornings, so I am declaring war on the snakes, and have taken up the heavy artillery since golf balls evidently aren't enough.

-- I'm planning to deep clean the mudroom as soon as the temperature cools down; it's not an air-conditioned space so the project will wait until fall. In the meantime, I've spent a few mornings in there brainstorming better use of space, and I spray-painted an ugly set of metal shelves that will be repurposed in this room.

-- Just for fun: test your goat knowledge with this set of quizzes from Langston University.


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  1. Congrats on the domain name! That's exciting. I'm glad you were able to round up the chickens fairly easily. Mine would love to get out if given the opportunity!

  2. My chickens would love to free range, but this just isn't the right place for that.


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