Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Tomatoes! My plants are finally producing tomatoes! I found 2 green ones and then a lovely red one this week. I believe that we just had too much rain this summer and the plants had too much water. I was so excited about the red tomato; I set it on the kitchen island to show to hubby when he came home from work. Then a cat jumped up on the island and knocked off the tomato, and I found it squashed inside Sissy's dog crate. We'll have to wait for the green ones to ripen for our first taste of this year's red ripe tomatoes. Since that day I've found several other green tomatoes, and the peppers are going crazy.

-- I was doing some maintenance work on the blog and realized that some of you might think this is a gardening/herbal blog from the lack of posts on other subjects lately. It isn't; it's just been a "plant year" this year. With the abundance of rain this year the plants have gone wild. Because I had to start over with a new goat herd, there have been no new kids yet (hopefully some will arrive this winter); I've downsized the chicken flock, downsized the horse herd, and the coyotes downsized my clowder of barn cats. I've just been enjoying a simple year.

-- I picked all the apples and sprayed the tree to save it from the grasshoppers. It seems to have worked, but the poor tree looks pretty bare with so many of its leaves eaten and missing. I have a 3-gallon bucket of apples to process now. Sissy grabbed one out of the bucket this morning while I wasn't watching and munched away.

-- Cracker's Find of the Week. I walked out into the pasture to see what he was barking at and found this fellow:

He'd turned it over, so I set it back upright and went back to the horses. When I was finished and started back up the hill, I thought I'd better check on it again. Cracker had moved on to other things but the turtle was upside-down again. I turned it over and was glad I'd checked.

-- What's new where you are?


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  1. Our tomatoes are doing well despite all the rain. They have been cracked at the tops though. But I'm happy with what we've been harvesting!

  2. I'm glad you are getting a harvest, Tammi. There's nothing better than a warm tomato off the vine.

  3. Harvested lots of tomatoes today and canned 20 jars of salsa. Bot eating fresh tomatoes is sure the best. You have there an interesting looking turtle.


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