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After a particularly stressful morning, I decided to put aside what I was doing, drive down the road and pick some sunflowers. 

These aren't big, heavy seedheads, growing one flower on a single tall stalk. Instead, these wild sunflowers grow on many-branched plants with many flowers, each about four inches across. I love their cheerful blooms. The plants grow in a pasture and along the fenceline and are taller than I am. I had to step into the underbrush (I was hoping there were no snakes hiding in there) at the side of the road and pull a branch down so I could cut the stems.

They grow here because my neighbor used to have goats, and the feed he gave them included sunflower seeds. Even now that this dear man has passed away and his goats have been gone for several years, the sunflowers still grow, dropping seeds each year to sprout the next summer, a reminder of a good neighbor. I cut some every year. 

Unfortunately I'm not the kind of person who can stick a bunch of flowers in a vase and have them look like they were professionally arranged, but I try anyway. I always put them in this cobalt blue vase that was my mother's. I have to put them somewhere that my indoor cats can't reach them, because flowers are fair game where my cats are concerned.
Then I learned something I hadn't noticed before. Sunflowers follow the sun even when they are in a vase! The blooms turned toward the sunny kitchen window the next morning. How amazing is that?

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  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    I love sunflowers of all sizes!

  2. Beautiful! And so neat how they turned toward the sun even when indoors. Very cool!

  3. They only turned towards the sunny window that first morning, but it was surprising and neat. :-)


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