An Addition, or Three

Last week I drove to SueEllen's house for a visit. We sat in the shade on her back porch and watched her cats play. I definitely need to widen the gene pool of my barn cat population, so after awhile we caught two adorable kittens that came home with me in the cat carrier I'd brought along.

I also brought home a four-year-old Nubian doe named Ziva, and a nine-month-old doe kid. The kid was for another friend; I just provided transportation. They picked her up the next morning.

I brought the goats home in the backseat of my truck. The seat folds up, and I lined the floor with opened feed sacks covered with towels. They rode quite happily, and were both lying down on the floor when we pulled in the driveway.

Ziva and the kid spent the first night in my horse trailer; there was no point in introducing the kid to any more germs and stress than necessary since she was only here for one night. Ziva then spent some time in the pen next to my goats, and finally she was introduced to my little herd.

I expected drama, but there was none to speak of. Ziva and Phoenix are still having conversations about who will be herd queen - or are they jealous of my attention? It seems as though when I pay attention to one, the other is right there and a little head-butting occurs.

Ziva (in front) and Phoenix (rear)

The American Dairy Goat Association assigns a letter to each year for the purpose of tattooing goats. This year is the letter D; Ziva was born in 2009, the Z year. Some breeders, like SueEllen, also use that letter for all the names of the kids born that year. (Others use themes, like I did with my first herd - Hope, Dream, Joy, Faith, etc. Phoenix's breeder named all the doe kids born to a particular goat with names beginning with F, including one named Philosophy, so Phoenix continued that tradition as well as being the perfect name for the first kid in my replacement herd.) My current four goats have F names as well - Phoenix, Firefly, Felicity and the Phantom - just because Phoenix was an "F" and why not have them all start with the same sound?

I'm glad Ziva has settled in so easily.

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  1. Perhaps Ziva knew a good home when she saw it - so she figured she should get along from the beginning! I love your goat stories and pictures - keep them coming!

  2. She's beautiful! We use a letter for the years' kids names also, but it corresponds with the first year we had Nubians....this was our H year.

    Love the markings on Ziva, she's very striking.

  3. Thank you, Vickie. They give me plenty to write about!

  4. Thank you, Queenacres. Interestingly Ziva has the same unusual marking on both sides.

  5. A beauty for sure! I wish my introduction of a new goat had gone as smooth (not so much)... Congratulations - Ziva is a sweetie.

  6. I'm sorry that your addition didn't go well. Goats can sure be clique-y, can't they?! I hope they've all adjusted by now though.

  7. So glad to have found your blog and to read up on the new addition to the barnyard family! We just brought home 4 goats 12 days ago, and are learning more each day. Looking forward to reading and learning more from you!

  8. Congratulations on your new goats! What breed did you get? I love talking about goats, so you'll find plenty of stories here. I hope your new additions have settled in comfortably.

  9. She's beautiful! We tend to go with letter names around here, not all the kids that year, but at least all siblings. Our Nubians all get along well from the get go- but the Saanen's don't like new adding newcomers :)

  10. Awesome info & introduction to your new baby. WE've talked of getting goats one day.
    Keep us posted. She looks very sweet.
    The How to Guru


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