Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- At the fair I talked with several entrants who moaned about not getting enough tomatoes to can, or to enter in the fair. Then I spent some time visiting with our former extension agent and asked him about this. He doesn't know what caused it, but he knew many, many people who had the same thing happen. He asked me if my plants had flowers, which they did. That told him that it wasn't a case of too much fertilizer or too much water, because both of those will cause big plants with no flowers. When it gets too hot in the summer, he said, the pollen is sterile; he thinks that for some reason this spring that this was the problem: sterile pollen, cause unknown.

-- I also spoke with a gentleman who boasted about his 7 1/2 lb melon. I told him that when I tried to grow cantelope, they tasted like dirt. He told me to add eggshells and coffee grounds to my soil. I might be tempted to try growing cantelopes again.

-- Another topic of conversation at the fair was the plagues we've suffered this summer: grasshoppers and scorpions. I've found a couple of scorpions every week this summer. I don't mind so much finding dead ones that the cats have worried to death, but the one crawling on the arm of the couch right next to me - and got away - still has me shaking. Hubby catches the live ones with a wad of duct tape on the end of a broom, then squashes it against the floor. I pick up dead ones with a strip of duct tape, then fold up the tape and drop in the trash can. Thank goodness for duct tape.

-- We bought another trailer-load of square hay bales.

-- The oak leaves are beginning to change color. Next week our weather is supposed to cool down to more seasonal temperatures. Fall, my favorite season, won't be far behind.


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  1. I love the extension office here. They can be so helpful.

    Scorpions would scare me to death!!

  2. Good tip on the eggshells and coffee grounds. I might have to try that as well. The scorpion gave me the heebie jeebies! On our honeymoon in Mexico late one night, I nearly stepped barefoot on a scorpion. Luckily my husband took care of it for me but I was so scared!

  3. Scorpions still freak me out a bit, but I can "take care of them", ie, duct tape them to the floor! I've been stung twice and it's NOT FUN.

    Tammy, I'm glad your husband dealt with it for you.

    Sandra, I do love our extension office!


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