Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- One evening as I was feeding, I noticed one of the young cats watching something intently. I kept an eye on her, and eventually saw something moving along the ground towards her. I went to investigate, and saw the largest wasp I've ever seen, easily two inches long. Then I noticed a dead tarantula nearby, and sort of remembered something about a wasp that kills tarantulas. This was one of the few times that I had no camera or even my cell phone with me, so I don't have a picture, but there are a lot on the internet that you can take a look at.

Back inside the house, I googled and read about "tarantula hawks" or tarantula wasps, a large wasp that kills tarantulas to feed its larvae. Evidently there are larvae now too. I wish I'd killed it. I have no problem with an occasional tarantula but I do have a problem with large flying insects that can "deliver the most painful sting on the planet"... and its babies.

-- My three remaining bell pepper plants have been producing like crazy. I picked 14 peppers right before the fair began, and left them on my kitchen counter until I had time to deal with them. In the meantime, they began turning red. Now that the fair is over and I have time to breathe, I've sliced them all up and put them in the freezer. I put red strips in one bag and the green strips in another. We appreciate having peppers to use all winter long, either chopped in recipes such as sloppy joes, on top of homemade pizzas, or in omelettes.

-- I trailered my horse this weekend and rode with friends. I wondered if Charlotte's eggs would be relocated on the way, but when we got home the egg sac was still firmly attached to the trailer.

-- Monday morning there was a great egret on the pond. I haven't seen a heron or an egret in so long; the dogs have always chased them off and eventually they don't come anymore. Sure enough, soon I heard Cracker barking his annoyed bark, and I walked out of the horse barn to take a look. There is a fence running through our pond so that it is accessible from both sides, and when Cracker barked at the bird it flew to the other side of the pond where he couldn't get it. He ran around the bank and through the woods until he could get to the other side of the fence, and the bird flew back to the first side. It was quite funny to watch, but eventually the egret got tired of the game and flew off.


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  1. WOW!!! That wasp is very, very creepy!

    We had family over on Sat of last week and my cousin's sons are very into bugs. They found 8 crickets, 4 spiders, worms, and some earwigs in my back yard. I was impressed since I have a small yard in Long Island!

  2. Cindy Mc10:43 AM

    Ok... now I'm a little creeped out by the wasp thing! We have tons of regular ones. They love fresh laundry and wooden clothes pins. We get blue herons by our little pond. They are beautiful to watch.

  3. I came to say Thank You for your kind comment on my blog. It means a whole lot! :)

  4. Dizee, that wasp was REALLY creepy!

    I'm impressed that the boys found so many bugs in your little backyard too. Good detective work. :-)

  5. Cindy, wasps are pretty high on my "don't like" list; I've been stung a few times. I'd be afraid to go out to get the laundry if I knew they might be on the clothes and the pins.

  6. Natalia, I love your blog! ( for those who aren't familiar with it!)

  7. Eekkkk to the insect part. I know they are part of God's higher purpose but ewww--I don't like them at all.

    I LOVE reading about your lifestyle and adventures. You inspire me to learn how to be a gardener. Those peppers are gorgeous. Bugs usually "get" anything I try to grown. Again with the bugs....

    What did WE do recently you ask? Glamping...

  8. I've always been pretty successful with peppers, they are pretty easy to grow. Might be a good thing to start with, Shan.


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