Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- When I drove up the road towards our gate one afternoon I was shocked to see that another trunk of our old dead mimosa tree had fallen while I was gone, and was lying in the road. It was much too heavy for me to move, so I did the only thing I could do: I snapped and broke as many of the branches as I could to help clear the roadway, and picked up all the debris. There were two big branches still poking out into the road that were too thick for me to break; hubby had to use the chainsaw on those when he got home from work.

This photo is from an earlier post, The Story of a Mimosa Tree. Now, all of the tree inside the white box has fallen, and only the trunk on the left is still standing. It will have to come down too; it's leaning precariously and we'd rather it not fall in the roadway.

I asked the dogs if it made noise when it fell, but they're not talking.

-- I had a second chance, and I killed the tarantula wasp. At least I hope it was THE tarantula wasp, and not just "a" tarantula wasp. It was drowning in a water bucket, unmistakable by its sheer size. I didn't want to leave its demise to chance, so I dumped the bucket and stomped the wasp into oblivion. And I still didn't take a picture!


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