Friday Follow-Up

-- The electric company is running a new power line in our area. Yesterday a helicopter kept buzzing up and down the line. As I drove into town to the post office, I stopped to take a few photos with my phone. I'm told that they are stringing winch line with the helicopter, and then will pull the electric line. It hovered here and then there, and made a lot of noise, and scared my horses (they'd run into the barn... then venture back out, and run back into the barn... and venture back out, but they weren't terrified; I think they were just having fun.)

-- The monarch butterflies are migrating, and I'm enjoying watching them cross the pasture from east to west. Where are they going? I grew up near one of the places in California where they spend the winter; I'd love to visit wherever it is these are going.

-- As soon as I wrote the post about the kittens, Pilar had her litter. Last time she had two, but both died. This time there are five - I think. I couldn't get to them to see for sure, and then she moved them to an opening between the hay bales. It's a much better place, especially with the rain coming this weekend, but they are so far back in the hole that I can't see or reach them.


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