Friday Follow-Up

-- The electric company cleared out under the utility line across the road from us; rather than just trimming they brought in a bulldozer and took out a lot of trees under the lines. I was really hoping they weren't clearing the whole lot, I like looking at trees across the road. This morning I looked out the kitchen window just before dawn and realized that I can see the internet tower now where the trees used to be; they even cleared out our "line of sight"! What a nice benefit. As the sun moves closer to winter it will eventually come up right in that cleared spot, which will give me a different view of sunrise too.

-- Monday a box was delivered to my house. I had watched it travel from the north to the south via its tracking number, and I was very eager for it to arrive.

The box contained my prize - I won 3rd place in the Pantry Paratus food preservation photo contest, in the canning category! The winners were announced on the Pantry Paratus blog. They sent me a questionnaire asking what kitchen skills I had mastered and what was the next project I wanted to try, so they would know what to send me. I received $50 in selected merchandise, including the book Cheese Making at Home from Ploughshare, two volumes of A Backwoods Home Anthology, aluminum-free baking powder, wooden tongs (mine broke recently so this was timely) and a matching wooden spoon, and a BIG box of bags for my FoodSaver. What fun!


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  1. Congratulations, I was hoping to see pictures of your winnings.


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