Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- There has been some activity across the road lately. The trees have been cleared under the utility lines, and trucks have been coming and going. Yesterday a truck and trailer dumped a load of pipe, and the two men stood, talking, next to the truck for awhile. We realized Cracker was over there visiting with them. Hubby went over to check on him, and was told that the dog was helping them and was fine. We realized that every farm dog we've had has considered the land across the road part of his or her territory.

-- Although we're still waiting for autumn color on the trees, the weather says it's fall. We've had frost several mornings, but the afternoons have been warm and pretty. I love autumn and would be happy if it stayed like this for weeks, or even months.

-- Two of our daughters had birthdays this month.

-- I've been looking through old photos this week, and am amazed at how much Oak Hill has changed since we moved here nine years ago. We used to have irises in three different places, but they are gone. Several trees have fallen over in storms or died in the drought, and of course there was the mimosa that was struck by lightning. Along the top of the pond the bushes are much bigger than they were. We've moved some fencelines. We've built some sheds and torn down some sheds. I found a picture of the chicken shed right after we'd finished building it; how nice it looked! Compared to how it looks now... well, it's seen better days, that's for sure.


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