When I brought home Ziva, my new Nubian doe, from SueEllen's home, I also brought home two kittens.

While SueEllen and I sat on her back porch and visited, we watched her cats playing, climbing trees, running through the goat pen. She has a wide variety of colorpoints, black, blue tabbies, tortoiseshells in both black/orange and blue/cream, calicoes, and orange cats - and not a single grey tabby in the bunch. I find that interesting since grey tabbies - grey or brownish cats with black stripes - are the most common color. Especially interesting since grey tabbies are the only color I have now.

My barn cats are rather closely related. I had planned to adopt a couple of kittens this year to bring some new blood into the gene pool. Even the neighbors' cats are closely related to mine, since the toms go visiting back and forth.

So I'd taken my cat carrier with me to SueEllen's when I went to bring Ziva home. I didn't want a colorpoint or a calico even though they are my favorite colors, since they are always the first to disappear; I think they are too visible to predators. I've learned the hard way; if I have a colorpoint or mostly-white kitten born here, I find a new home for it.

I brought home two kittens, a blue-and-white male, above, and a blue-cream tortioseshell female, below.  Both are longhaired, which I also love.

You'll have to trust me that she's adorable, because that's the best photo I've gotten of her. Most of them looked like this:

They've quickly won me over (like that was a hard thing to do) with their adorable faces, rumbling purrs, and charming ways. They are currently living in my mudroom until they are bigger and more able to take care of themselves.

And I don't mind that a bit.

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  1. Oh my gosh, they are adorable! I'm totally a sucker for kittens, so I understand :)

  2. Oh I am too! Kittens have to be the most adorable thing in the world. :-)

  3. They are adorable, a lot of people like dogs, but I'm a cat person, look at them how can you help it.

  4. Oh I know! I just love cats in general, and kittens in particular. :-)

  5. Anonymous3:55 PM

    We took in 3 kittens after they were displaced by the May 31st tornado (the widest in U.S. history). The 8 inches of rain that fell in 4 hours displaced them from their home, which was under a church's mowing shed. They needed a dry home FAST!

    All have been spayed/neutered and are growing fast.

    I wish I could tell you that the church made an announcement at both Wed. night and Sun. morning services and all were happily adopted into loving homes...but that is not the way the story ended.

    Despite our efforts, there was no one willing to adopt them.
    As we fostered them, we did not name them for fear of getting attached, and we continued to search for them homes. But weeks and weeks went by, and then over time, we fell in love with them, and they with us.

    They are now named Mercy, Patience, and Gideon. They are numbers 6, 7, and 8 in our cat family.

    I guess as some people never planned to have 8 children, we never planned to have 8 cats, but there is enough love to go around.

    Not trying to out due Michelle Dugger with 19 and counting, please, dear readers, consider spay/neutering your pets. Thanks for letting me post my 2 cents!

  6. They were lucky to be found and fostered and eventually loved by you and your family! I know many people affected by that tornado.

    We've had a few dogs "dumped" out here, and we tried and tried to find homes for them. Like you, we didn't name them for the longest time. They were "puppy" and "dog". Dog became Dawg and lived with us for a long time, eventually finding a home in Arkansas.

    I don't usually even read Anonymous comments because they are "always" spam - I'm glad I did read this one.


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