Follow-Up Friday

This week:

-- Winter arrived this morning, with wind chills in the teens (and below!), howling winds, and ice expected over the weekend. I've done all I can to prepare the livestock and pets for cold weather. I'm hoping the goats won't decide that THIS is the time to kid!

-- I bought more hay last week and stored it in my horse trailer temporarily, so I have hay in three places now to make it easy to feed when the weather is bad.

-- My riding buddy came over yesterday; I'm so thankful for pleasant weather on a day that she was free so that we could ride. We spent quite a bit of time getting out the dozens of burrs that Splash has collected in his tail over the past couple of days. All of the horses have very fuzzy coats suddenly.

-- She helped me move my old milkstand to a more convenient place; it's been sitting out in the weather for the past two years. It's metal, with a metal deck that needs to be replaced but for now has a piece of plywood on top of it. It needs to be repainted. One corner has a brick shoring up a rusted leg. But I bought it for $5 years ago as a back-up, and now that my better wooden milkstand is gone (it was in the barn when it burned down), I am very thankful to have it.

-- Don't forget to enter the Prairie Pin Pouch giveaway if you haven't already. The giveaway ends tonight at midnight.


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