Follow-Up Friday

This week:

-- Friday and Saturday we had our first winter storm of the year. Although the ice wasn't bad on the roads, it did coat the trees and our front steps, and the temperature plummeted. Two friends said their does had kidded overnight and I was almost afraid to go outside for fear that I'd find frozen kids - which, thankfully, there weren't. I spent that day moving the new hay bales back out of the horse trailer, and I moved Firefly and Felicity into the trailer for a couple of nights.

-- Instead of the predicted 1-3" of snow, we had sleet for several hours on Sunday. The ground got slippery fast and the sleet stung my cheeks as I finished feeding. I was glad I'd done as much as I had the day before. The weather did, thankfully, improve after that.

-- Our oldest daughter and her husband came to visit for Thanksgiving, but it was a little different than planned. They broke down on the way, and on Thanksgiving morning we were able to find an auto parts store that was open, buy the part, and drive out to Missouri to deliver the part. As soon as their vehicle was running again, they followed us home. Obviously we didn't have our big dinner on Thursday; we'll be cooking today and have our Thanksgiving dinner tonight after hubby is home from work.

-- The winner of the Prairie Pin Pouch is Iris in Texas. Congratulations, Iris! And thank you all for entering.

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