Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I opened the door from the laundry room to our back porch the other day and was attacked by a horde of kittens. Well, four of them: the two from SueEllen and the two younger males and their mother Pilar. I held off most of the horde but the tiniest of them all slipped past me and into the house. I jokingly told the dogs to bring him back; Sissy, the young border collie, pushed him with her nose all the way across the laundry room to the door where I could reach him.

-- Our neighbor is fixing the fence between our hayfield and his, where the tree had gone down and took the fence with it. When he's finished I'll be able to let the horses in the hayfield to graze over the winter. Didn't I say I have the best neighbor?

-- I've found Cracker sleeping in the goat pen each morning for over a week. Maybe he's been there longer than that and I didn't notice. Juliet, the LGD we borrowed for a year, went back home several months ago. Although I haven't heard them howling, are the coyotes coming closer? Or is he just being protective?


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  1. He may know you're having kids soon. Pearl, our Great Pyrenees, is very protective of our pregnant does. She is wonderful with the newborn kids too. She lets them curl up and sleep on or beside her and they climb all over her.

    I found Pretty Girl, one of our new kittens, curled up sleeping on top of Pearl in the barn recently. LGD are just great when they are trained properly.

    How soon are your does going to kid?


  2. Thank you, Fern. Perhaps Cracker does know that there are kids on the way. We should have kids in just a couple of weeks; one of the does has a very nice udder forming, and tail ligaments are beginning to loosen.


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