Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- The silly plum tree continues to bloom; there are over a dozen flowers and now leaves on it too.

-- I had a nice visit with our neighbor one morning as he did some fence maintenance between our properties. He told me where my horses had gotten out in March: there is a tree down on the fence in the corner of the hayfield. The corner of the fence is down in a wooded ravine so it wasn't visible to my cursory inspection. Now I know where to concentrate my efforts, although my efforts are pretty sad in comparison to his. He said he'll get to that part of the fence eventually, and I'm sure he'll redo whatever I've done to it in the meantime.

He also told me he had three cuttings off his hay meadow and probably should have come to do ours a second time. It did cross my mind that perhaps I should call him and see if he wanted to, but I didn't get it done in time. Instead, I have plenty of grazing for the horses. I need to let them out there soon; they've grazed down their pasture and should be moved as soon as I can get that fence fixed.

-- We've had more rain this week, which is keeping the grass growing in the hayfield.

-- I spend a morning pulling up the tomato vines. When I finished and looked up, two of the goats were in the front yard. I'd forgotten to wire the bottom of their gate shut. They've learned that they can push on it at the bottom and get enough space to wiggle through, even though they are fat and pregnant.

-- Hubby fixed the hydraulic leak on his tractor. I'm hoping he can brush hog the pasture soon.


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  1. Sounds like your neighbor really knows what's going on in the fencing situation. Seems like there's always repairs to be done to fences!

  2. He's in the running for the Best Neighbor award, for sure. He does a lot of maintenance on that fence between his place and ours. He's a blessing.


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