Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- While he was visiting, our son-in-law worked on my to-do list. He fixed the round pen fence where the horses had been leaning on it, replaced three boards in the horse stalls, fixed the seat on my "farm utility vehicle", made a new door for the chicken coop, replaced a rotted 2x4" on the gate to the chickens' outdoor run, fixed our sagging storm door, and rewired our flatbed trailer. What a blessing his work is to us.

Cracker checking out the new coop door.

-- This weekend we are expecting the coldest weather we've had in over a year here in Oklahoma. I've spent this week getting ready for it, moving hay to where it is convenient to feed even if the weather is cold and snowy or icy, moving the doghouse to a warmer and more sheltered spot, and closing off one end of the goats' open-ended shed that the wind could blow right through. The new solid door on the chicken coop will keep the wind from blowing through the coop too - it replaced the screen door that I'd installed several years ago. The two pregnant goats are snug in their horse trailer, and I'm still hoping the kids won't appear until it warms up a bit. The weather started off yesterday with an ice/sleet storm. Living on a hilltop in an ice storm is challenging. I nearly lost my footing several times on the way down to the barn to feed last night.

-- Cracker evidently rolled on a dead skunk somewhere. He smells pretty bad, but when the storm hit and he was wet? Ugh.

-- The turkey stock is simmering on the stove today, warming the house and giving off delicious smells.

-- Stay warm, stay safe!


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  1. How kind and lovely of your son-in-law to help out in so many practical ways. :-) That is wonderful. :-)

  2. His work is SO appreciated, Rambling Tart!


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