Friday Follow-Up

This week:

After a week of having to haul water to the livestock, my hose finally worked on Wednesday. I was able to fish out all the large chunks of ice from the horses' trough.

The horses had been walking on ice balls packed into their hooves and I know they are happy to have those gone. The good packing snow - great for snowballs and snowmen - would pack into their hooves and then freeze, sometimes two inches thick. I'd find these ice balls in the barnyard, in the barn, near the open spot where they stood to eat their hay. 

You can see the imprint of the horse's frog on this one.

I tried chipping them out with my hoof pick and even tried to melt them by pouring warm water on their hooves, but I was unable to remove them. The discarded ice shoes bore the print of their frogs. I'd surely be grumpy if I had frozen "high heels" on my feet that I was unable to remove.

My old hens have stopped laying for the winter, but on Saturday night when I gave them water I found a beautiful brown egg in the corner.

Every so often I check on Charlotte's eggs. This is how they looked after the storm. I hope those little spiderets are warm enough.

Yesterday the temperature was warmer and the snow began to disappear. We're expecting rain today, which will take care of what's left, I'm sure.


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  1. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Chopping ice out of horse troughs is my least favorite winter chore.

  2. Our water pump stopped working for a few days. Thankfully, with the heat tape it is up and running again. Getting water from the house is a HUGE chore!

  3. I'm so glad your water pump is working again, Sandra.


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