Friday Follow-Up

"Were there no God... we would all be in this glorious world
with grateful hearts and no one to thank."
~ Christina Rosetti

This week:

We had glorious weather! I did the afternoon chores in short sleeves, not even a jacket was necessary. Mornings still hovered around freezing, but the afternoons were up in the 60's. I took advantage of it to work outside as much as I could, because we have another winter storm headed in this weekend, and a possible white Christmas just around the corner.

Each morning I moved the two expectant goats into the large goat pen where they'd spend the sunny hours, then I'd put them back in the trailer for the night.

I checked the fences around the hayfield to make sure they were all intact so I can let the horses out there to graze soon.

A great blue heron took off the from pond one day when I walked down the hill. We rarely see those anymore, since our dogs chase off all big birds, whether hawk, vulture, heron, geese or ducks. The dogs, past and present, view any big bird as a predator.

One morning there were several blue jays hopping around in the tall junipers in front of the house, another bird that I don't see here often. My father loved them and always stopped what he was doing to watch them; I did the same thing.


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  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I've really enjoyed reading your blog this year. Have a happy holiday!
    Crackerdog Farm

  2. Thank you, Kelly, and happy holidays to you too!


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