Friday Follow-Up

This week:

The ice storm left a gorgeous but difficult landscape in its wake. Our power stayed on, but our internet went off Friday night. We weren't sure if it was our antenna or the main tower, but only time and sunshine and warmer temperatures would cure the problem. Several years ago after a January ice storm it was out for eight days, but this time it only lasted three and a half days.

I took photos of the ice before it melted, but they didn't really portray the beauty of the sun sparkling on the ice; it was much prettier than the photos show. Even hubby commented on our way to town that it was beautiful.

We lost some large limbs off the trees behind the house, and I heard a tree fall somewhere north of us on Sunday morning. I'll have to investigate in that direction and see if it is on our property or not, and I'll have to check the fencelines in the hayfield again before I can let the horses out there, just in case.

The goat kids are all doing well. Felicity's twins are particularly vigorous, much more than the younger kids. The does have figured out what to do with their kids, and the kids have caught on to nursing.

My horse Ella's tail was so long that it touched the ground, and after the storm there were "beads" of mud and ice on the ends of the long red strands. She walked funny as the beads clicked together and whirled around her fetlocks. I felt sorry for her and trimmed the bottom six inches off. She's vain about her tail, but I think she appreciated my efforts. It will grow back.


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  1. Your photos are beautiful. We DID loose a tree in our early December storm. It fell right on top of the horse shelter and sent my horse fleeing for his life out the back fence. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt and didn't go far. The good news is--we no longer have to worry about that tree falling on the horse shelter. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

  2. I love that you are looking on the bright side! ;-)

  3. Sorry the ice storm hit you. We barely missed it. Barely. Like by just a few miles. On the bright side - your photos are beautiful and I'm so happy to hear the kids are doing well.

  4. I'm glad the ice storm missed you, Staci! Isn't it strange how just a mile or two can make such a difference?


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