Still Waiting...

I've been watching the two does whose kids are due first. I moved them to the horse trailer when the storm and frigid cold came in, well bedded with hay, just in case, and they are snug and warm inside. (Photos are very hard to take in the trailer though, so please forgive the low quality.)

You'll find a good post on signs that kidding is near at Thoughts from Frank and Fern.


Checking tail ligaments is one of the ways I check the expectant does twice daily. Although Firefly and Felicity seem pretty evenly matched in this department, Firefly has developed a very nice udder while Felicity's has not yet begun to fill out. Firefly had a string of mucus three times in seven days. But... no kids yet.

Firefly's developing udder

Both does are first fresheners and I did not own their mothers either, so we have no "kidding history". I have much more experience at kidding than they do, but even "my" last kidding was two and a half years ago, the spring before the fire.

(Not lopsided, just the way she's standing.)

Friday evening Firefly looked thinner, which in my previous experience means that the kid has shifted and will be ready soon. But... I am still waiting...

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  1. You are so good to these animals. If they even knew how blessed they are!
    The How to Guru

  2. Thank you, Shan. You know I try hard!

  3. Hi Kathi,

    I'm glad you're still waiting. That means the babies are taking their time and growing healthy and strong. Your does look great. I can't wait to see your babies and hear of your milking tales.

    If you're lucky, they will have them during the day or evening. It saves all those trips to the barn, or in your case the trailer, in the middle of the night.

    Thank you for linking to our post. I hope it provides useful information.


  4. It's a little hard to be patient but I am willing to wait as long as it takes so that the kids are healthy and ready. I'm hoping there will be no difficulties in getting the kids to nurse, always my biggest concern with first fresheners.

  5. Very interesting!! Hoping they come soon and are healthy. :)

  6. It can be so hard to wait! We have one due earlier than usual this year too- the end of January. Here's to a healthy kidding!

  7. Thank you, Sarah, and hoping for the same for you too!

  8. I found your info at the Frugally Sustainable hop! Can't wait to hear how your kidding goes. Love the pics and info! :)

  9. 'Can't wait to see photos of your new babies! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  10. What an exciting time! Thanks for sharing this on the Maple Hill Hop!

  11. Marci and Daisy, thank you for stopping by. There will be pictures when they finally arrive!


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