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I hope you all had as much fun as I did with the names you suggested for the goat kids. I loved each and every suggestion. As well as the comments to the post, several readers sent me emails with names too. Some also suggested E names for Ziva’s expected kids, and I will keep the list of those names to use when the time comes.

Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to make a suggestion. I appreciate each comment and email.

“Dragonfly” was suggested as a buck’s name, but I fell in love with it and chose it for Firefly’s doeling.

Phoenix’s doeling is "Daisy", which was suggested several times. I had a hard time deciding between Daisy and Darlin’ or Darling, another very popular suggestion, but Daisy is just more “me”.

"Denver" is Phoenix's buckling. The city thing, you know...

Firefly's buckling is "Devlin".

I was hoping to post new pictures of the kids today with this post, but it has been too cold to be out in the open having their portraits taken. Yesterday they were disbudded - had their hornbuds burned - all except the two younger doelings, Dragonfly and Daisy, who will have to go next week when their hornbuds are more developed - so for awhile they'll have ugly rings on their heads in any photos.

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