I Was Worried!

I had quite a scare this week. (SPOILER: it had a happy ending.) My horse Ella is always the first one back to the barn in the evening when I feed them; I think she has one eye on the hill while she's grazing so she can spot me right away, and she's often waiting for me when I get to the barn with the bucket of horse feed. But this night she wasn't the first horse to greet me; even the old geldings who are reluctant to leave their grazing and slow to walk back were there first, and still there was no sign of her.

I called her; she always comes when I call her. I rang the cowbell that I use to call them in for their evening feed. I feared the worst, because this was completely uncharacteristic of her. Did she get out somehow? If so, was she waiting on the other side of a fence for me to let her in, or had she gone on an adventure? How would I ever find her? Was she hurt? Was she lying dead somewhere?

I fed the others, gathered her halter and rope, and began walking, calling her all the while, praying, and still ringing the cowbell. The field is sort of like a butterfly's wings, with two halves, so I started on the north half. When I got back to the middle, Ella was walking towards me from the west half of the field. I was so relieved! I followed her as she walked back to her stall and checked her out as she ate. All seemed well.

Maybe Ella had been taking a nap in the sun, and while she was sleeping the others came in for dinner. I'm just glad she's home safe and sound. I was really worried.


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  1. Happy you gave the spoiler alert. Never feels good to have misplaced an animal. I'm so happy all turned out well. I just love the photos!!

  2. Thank you, Staci. I'm so thankful it all turned out ok. She really scared me!

  3. Phew! Glad all is well. Thanks for sharing your outdoor post on The Maple Hill Hop today!

  4. That is scary! I hate when things like that happen, but it's such a relief when there's a happy ending!


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